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Event managers can now create an immersive experience for event attendees using features like augmented reality. Increase the efficiency of your event with real-time updates sent via push notification to attendees mobile devices.

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Event industries can only run with successful events and huge footfall. Webkon apps help event
managers to increase the list of attendees and improve experience offered by the event. With the
help of Webkon apps an event can be made more eventful!

Digital Check In

Using your Webkon app attendees digitally check-in for the event using their email address and registration code. Allow attendees to maximize their time when they skip long registration lines.


Update your event app in real-time with announcements, presentation time changes, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Users can launch your web app from a URL your business broadcasts on Facebook, in an online ad, QR code, or text message.

Event Directions

Enable GPS so users can easily navigate from their location to your event. Notify attendees of parking accommodations, valet, and more.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to attendees with presentation start times, location changes, and other important event details.

Augmented Reality

Create an immersive experience for attendees using augmented reality technology. Interactive presentations makes your event stand out and ensures the return of attendees next year.

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How Webkon can help your
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Real time updates on event

With Webkon application, event organizers can broadcast real-time content instantly. If you are planning to update information about the venue or the presenters or the VIP Guest or update the attendees on how to reach the venue, you can do it with Webkon Admin. Webkon apps are progressive web app that helps businesses to upload content in real-time and instantly. As soon as the content is uploaded the visit visitors can get hold of it.

Marketing & Event Promotion through FB , Twitter , LinkedIn

To make an event successful you need to ensure that you approach as many people as you can. With Webkon apps, you get to create URLs that can be distributed using different distribution channels. Webkon application gives you the freedom to reach out to your audience through Twitter post, Facebook post, email, LinkedIn, SMS and many more such channels.

Live display

Webcon apps offer dynamic real time digital Signage. This Signage goes beyond social walls. With the Signage you can integrate your event app with gamification, sponsor messages and alerts. If you are successful in engaging attendees you will see their footfall skyrocket. Also energize, engage, and educate the participants by inspiring them to join the event activities for enhanced experience with competitive leader boards, awarding points, and prizes.

Create huge list of activities for attendees

Events always have a huge list of schedules. Promote your event with a huge list of conferences,shows, seminars, and much more. Give away as much information as you want without having to
worry about the app getting bigger in size! Upload as much information as you want about the seminars,
conferences, VIP guests, location, sponsors, and much more to keep your attendees informed about
what to expect in the event.

Upload pictures of your past successful event or add 3D tour

To grab the attention of a new prospects and potential customers, upload pictures of happy faces, successful conferences, VIP Guests, people interacting, event activities, food stalls, and more. These pictures are good way to give a potential attendee an idea of what the event looks like. You can also add videos of the shows that made events organized by you in the past successful.

Survey form for knowing how successful the events were

By simply using the Webkon Admin, event manager can send survey forms for knowing how good the event was. Answers to question like do you visit our events more often or did you like the conference or were the activities engaging or are there any improvements you would want in our next event. With the responses and feedback, event managers can improve their events and services.

Help your friends to reach the venue on time

With the help of BLE and Eddystone,Webkon allows event managers to give their customers better services based on proximity and location. Also with GPS locator, the evnet managers can guide the attndee to reach the venue on time without then getting lost in the way. You can send them
real time images of the events in case they are a bit late.

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