Event Management App

Why organise great event! Make them the greatest ever.

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The Features of the App contain
Following Modules

Progressive Web App for Users

All the event and games information always accessible to customer digitally and in real-time, even when they are not connected to internet or not present at the event location.

Administration Portal for Event Manager

Business owners can manage the activities including event schedule, customers, sponsors, services, in real-time hassle free. They can also display advertisements on the digital screens to build encouragements between the customers and the other sponsors.

Why US?

Why organise great event! Make them the greatest ever.

  • Event Management App is a solution for the business owner through which they can manage the event scheduling, customers, sponsors and services.
  • These apps don’t need to be downloaded or installed by the customers.

  • The app owners simply share the URL/link by any medium and once the client open it – they are connected with the mobile app.
  • The app owner can display advertisements on the digital screens to build encouragements between the customers and sponsors.

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Customer/User PWA

Winner Board

Build Enthusiasm Between Customers: Lets the customers check the winner of event. It also list the top participants to all the customers which will help them to learn and show more interest towards the events.

Buddy Grouping

Form Group and Play: Configure and manage all your friends. Create groups and enjoy the event together through the app.

Event Radio

Hear it out Loud: Users can tune in to the event radio to get live commentary of the ongoing event. Customers who are not on the field can turn this on to get the live update of the events/games.

Activity Listing

List of all activities in an event: List your events/games for your customer. Create the list of games and events for your users and allow them to choose and plan accordingly.

Live Video Streaming

Watch Live Activities: Manage and broadcast the live event videos to your users not on the field. They can view the live status of the activities along with the performance of the participants from app directly.


Track your position: Customer can check the leaderboard to track the current standings in the event. Accordingly the customer can plan their strategy to win the game.

Distance No Matter

Customers enjoy event sitting at far: Customer login and gets to experience real-time on-going events and plan accordingly for the events interested in. This creates more engagements and attracts customers.


Check what’s new: Customer can check the ad broadcasts to know the products and services. They can also get updates about the latest events and dates. This will improve the customer engagement.


Easy donation: Customers can donate money in just a few clicks. There are times when they need to donate to participate in an event.

Event Manager Portal

Event Management

Let customers explore: Publish the upcoming events to attract customers. Let the customers plan accordingly to their best event. This creates more customer engagements.

Participant Management

Manage participant list: The owner can add, edit and manage the participants list and share their scorecard to be displayed on the leaderboard.

Activity Management

Manage and showcase your Activity: Manage and sort the activities for today in advance to create enthusiasm among your users. This helps your user to choose the same and plan accordingly.

Sponsor Management

Revenue generators: Manage the sponsor’s list and highlight them so that the customers know who had sponsored the event. It will encourage other sponsors to invest in your business.

Advertise Management

Let customers know the products: Publish the advertisements to attract customers. Customer will get to know about the various products and services rolling in the market.

Data Analytics

Tailor your events: With the help of Advanced Data Analytics, you can capture, observe, and analyse data that can help your business to improve.

Giant Scorecard Display

Giant Digital Screen Scorecard: Publish the livescore and performance update on a giant leaderboard screen at the field. The field customer will know about the winner points and the prize money respective to the event.

Winner Report

Display the Winner: Publish the name of the event winner and broadcast it in the app along with the leaderboard. It will build enthusiasm and encourage more customers to participate and get engaged in the event/games.

SMS Notification

Reach the customers quickly: The SMS notifications help to reach the new customer registered quickly with no time and to convey them the present on-going activities/events.

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharing: Users can launch the web app from a URL. You can also broadcast you business on Facebook, in an online ad, or text message.

Key Features of Event Engagement App

Improves customer experience.

Promote the upcoming events and performances.

Tracking the winners and score card is much easier and handy.

Live video and audio streaming create an enthusiasm among customers.

Publishing and managing event is easier, create improved customer engagements.

Data analysis of events is easier

Huge cost cutting in branding & promotions

No download needed, just scan and open the link – you are connected with the mobile app.