Webkon Changes the Way
Businesses Engage and Retain Customers

Webkon is introducing business owners to the new instant mobile app. Webkon boasts proprietary technology and multiple 3rd party integrations to ensure business owners can go digital without compromising functionality. Webkon instant apps bypass the app store submission process, long development process, and feature limitations of native apps. Webkon works for business owners on any budget.

Native Apps Features

Webkon creates progressive web apps that have all the features of native apps including Offline, Data Analytics, and Push Notifications.

Space, No Space

Unlike other mobile apps, webkon apps do not take any space in your smartphone.Webkon ensures the users easy instant installation by just clicking on the URL.

Easy to Create and Manage

Without any technical expertise, Webkon helps a user to create and manage the app easily with its user-friendly admin panel.

Geo Targeted Push Notification

Business can target specific geo location and send push notifications to the customers specifically for that area.

Realtime Data Update

Businesses can update content in real-time. Without the users having to update their apps,or without the Android or Apple stores getting uploaded, the content gets instantly updated in Webkon apps.

Supports Beacon

By using Google’s Physical Web technology and Eddystone, Webkon apps work brilliant with any beacon. It comes with Beacon placement management, deployment support, content management, metrics, API control, and context management.

Data Analytics

With its in-built Advanced Data Analytics, Webkon helps businesses to track the behaviour of their end users. From the Admin Panel businesses can send instant and real-time push notifications to its visitors.

Ecommerce Feature

Webkon gives an easy-to-use e-commerce solution which boosts the sales with its powerful cart, advanced search and checkout modules. Even you have any popular e-commerce platform like Magento, Woocommerce or Shopify, you can still create your app in minutes as Webkon is integrated with all of these platforms.

Augmented Reality

What else would you look in an app? Webkon creates native Android and iPhone browsers that supports Augmented Reality. It gives businesses freedom to upload a picture of an object from Webkon. Not just that, you can also tag content to the object. Users can enjoy augmented reality by using Webkon Physical Web Browsers to scan the object and get content via 3D View.

Mobile Campaign and Promotion

With Webkon , you can create various promotional ads and campaigns and run it in Google Adwords , Facebook etc.

SMS Marketing

You can run SMS marketing by importing your contacts to Webkon and directly distribute your app link to them directly from Webkon portal, also business can send promotional SMS to the customers who already registered to their PWA

URLs to Broadcast

Webkon instantly creates Progressive Web Apps. Consequently, you get URLs that can broadcast your business app within your customers.

Distribution Channels

Webkon creates apps that are URL-based. Subsequently, the businesses can use channels such as Twitter post, Beacons, SMS, Facebook post, QR codes, NFC, Email, LinkedIn, and many more to send distribute the app.

Speed, High SEO Rank

As Google have been giving away high ranks to PWAs in SEO, it is high time that businesses with just websites think about converting them to PWAs. If you want your business to stand out, think more than normal websites. Progressive web apps ensure great speed and high rank in SEO. Consequently, your app offers great customer experience.

Converts to Native

You can even convert progressive web apps created by Webkon to Native apps. You can upload the app to iOS or Android stores by just a tap.