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Why Digital Now?

Customers have enough clutter in their wallet already

Customers tend to forget or lose paper loyalty cards

Customers want personalization, convenience and variation

Customers look at their phones at least 200 times a day

We Offer an End to End Customer Loyalty Solution

Everything you need to turn visitors into happy & loyal customers

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Loyalty Card

Give customers Easy to use reward points for every purchase, or dollar amount spent. Offer up to three levels of loyalty rewards which can be redeemed on the current purchase or used for future purchases.

  • Easily Turn your visitors into loyal customers
  • Make your customer spend more with personalized rewards
  • 3 levels of loyalty rewards to increase customer Satisfaction

Prepaid Bundles

With digital prepaid bundles, customers pay up front for the cost of bundle items ensuring a smooth cash flow and in return receive discounts and a reason to be a returning customer. A win win situation for both parties.

  • Digital prepaid bundles for easy offerings
  • Easy up-front cash flow
  • Get more customers walking into your store

Store Credits

Like a prepaid card, customers buy store credits which increases your upfront earnings. It also secure your staff and provide a fix during mishaps by tracking store credits and easily executing customer recovery process and refunds.

  • Simple & secure way to offer store credits
  • Get cashflow up front
  • Fix any mishaps in minutes

Birthday Reward

Wish your customers Happy Birthday! with a surprise reward and make them feel special on the very special day

  • Capture and remember the birthday of individual
  • Say Happy Birthday! with a special reward
  • Make them visit to redeem the reward and spend more

Promo Campaign

Create Promo Offers and reach out to your customers in group of your choice. Indulge your customer enjoy visiting you and get delighted!

  • Choose from multiple reward patterns
  • Select from multiple predefined customer segments
  • Send messages in bulk and give yourself reward of increased revenue

Time Based Promo

Rush Hours or Lean Hours or Even Happy Hours! Create suitable Promo offers for your customers and Run Campaign. Let your customers decide their preference to grab and increase footfall.

  • Create suitable time based promo offer using multiple patterns
  • Choose from multiple preset customer segments
  • Send Promo messages in bulk and observe increased customer visit


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We have you covered on all verticals

Webkon Loyalty for customers

Serves visitors by giving away Personalized reward in Real-time with options to redeem them later

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Webkon Loyalty for cashiers

In three easy steps, Service personnels can effortlessly and efficiently provide customer rewards

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Webkon Loyalty for store owners

Recognize your customers, Reward them and Re-engage with personalized offers.

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Stay Ahead of your competitors

Increase Repeat Sales

In a much more cost effective way turn visitors into loyal customers, which means more business and increased brand name.

Quick installation in Store

Our platform allows quick and easy set up and Launch of your own Loyalty Program

Simple yet Effective

Be it a service personnel or customer, our simple interface makes it super easy to use and serve customers effortlessly.

Manage Customer Data

You can download customer data which allows you to learn more about them and offer personalized rewards

All Business Types, One Solution

A cost effective yet powerful Customer Loyalty Solution

we offer an end to end solution that is built and priced for any business


  • Unlimited stamps
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited rewards
  • 500 text messages/month

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