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A fresh approach to your favourite design prints!

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The Feature of the App contains
Following Module

Progressive Web App for Customers

All the printing service informations are always accessible to customer digitally and in real-time, even when they are not connected to internet. E-commerce integrated seamlessly. Customers can also design their required prints according to their choice.

Why US?

A fresh approach to your favourite design prints!

  • The Online Printing App is a professional ready solution which provides global customers with an improved experience using both PCs and mobile devices.
  • PWA technology helps the business to cover both web and mobile users at the same time without reducing user comfort.

  • Distribute the app link using existing sales and social media channels and your customers can simply click on it to get connected.
  • These apps don’t need to be downloaded or installed by the customers.

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Customer PWA

Easy Search

Find it easy: Let the customers search the services according to their needs. They can search for the commodity and can design the print according to their choice.

Easy Updates

Updates at Fingertips: Customer can check all the updates for the products and services from the app. They can get easy updates for upcoming events, promotions, offers, etc.

Easy Order Online

Save your time: Users can avoid the long wait at stores to book their designs and products. They can easily book their units through the app and can save their wait and time.

Digital Gallery

One Stop Gallery: Integration of all the products under one app helps the to bring all the galleries to a single click. The customers do not need to look for different products separately.

Deals and Discounts

Check that out: The business owner can publish the deals and discount offers through the app. They do not have to spend high on publishing the news and offers on various media platforms.

Product Awareness

Let the Customers: Know Publish the listing of the various products through the app. The users can browse the products according to their needs that are being launched in the market.

Easy Checkout

Pay as you go: Customers can make payments without the worry of their personal details getting stored. They can also choose their preferred payment mode to make transactions easier.

Customer Review

Know it before you take it: The customer can check the regular reviews of other customer to know about the various printing services that are being offered by the business.

Key Features of Online Printing App

PWA makes it easy for mobile ecommerce users.

Informations and journals for the products and designs are easily available through the app.

Managing print services for different commodities can be displayed under one app.

Security over online cash transactions.

Digital gallery allows the user to check various products under one platform.

Data Analytics and Business Insight to drive growth.

Easy Branding & online Promotions through the app.

Bypass App stores and launch app direct from the link with “Add to home screen” option.