Wholesale Retailer App With Service Booking

Pre-book your services and get the perfect support from your Retailer!

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The Features of the App contain
Following Modules

Progressive Web App for Customers

All the workshops and service informations are always accessible to customer digitally and in real-time, even when they are not connected to internet.

Administration Portal for Business Owner

Business owners can manage the workshop activities including request scheduling, customers, sponsors, services, in real-time hassle free. They can also through advertisements over the digital media to build encouragements between the customers and the other sponsors.

Why US?

Pre-book your services and get the perfect support from your Retailer!

  • The Wholesale Retailer App is a professional ready solution which provides global customers an improved support experience 24×7 using both PCs and mobile devices.
  • These apps don’t need to be downloaded or installed by the customers.

  • This solution gets integrated with the business owner’s existing web and/or mobile app and is seamlessly connected to the existing service business module.
  • Your customers can simply click or tap on the app Icon present on the web and/or mobile app and start communicating instantly.

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Customer PWA

Easy Search

Find it easy: Lets the customers search the nearby service retailer according to the customer location. They can also sort the search according to the name (alphabetical).

Product Awareness

Let the Customers Know: Publish the advertisements of the various products through the app. The users can check the new products that are being launched in the market.

Easy Service Booking

Save your time: Users can avoid the long wait in service stores to book their appointment. They can easily book their slot through the app and can save their wait and time.


Check what’s new: Customer can check the ad broadcasts to know the products and services. They can also get updates about the latest events and dates. This will improve the customer engagement.

Membership Rewards

Accumulate discount points: Users can earn earn membership points with every service receipt. They can scan the QR code for the same at different counters to redeem the discounts earned.

Easy Access

Make it Easy: The PWA makes it easy for the users to look for all the services and products under one app. They do not have to look for different counters for different services.

Easy Updates

Updates at Fingertips: Customer can check all the updates for the service stores from the app. They can get eay updates for upcoming events, promotions, holidays, etc. at just one go.

On-Going Events

Listing of all Events at one place: The customer easily views the list of all ongoing events of the day along with it they can enroll themselves.

Business Owner Portal


Let It Show: Use the admin portal to list the advertisement for your partner. Publish more advertisement of products and services to attract more customers use the app.

Retail Store Listing

Let Customers Explore: Design the app the way you want it. Manage the retail store listing according to your choice with platform. Let your users choose the nearest service store from the easy search option.

Deals Management

Showcase your Offer: Set up deals and show the offers for “iuseit” in advance to create enthusiasm among your users. This helps your user to choose the offers and plan accordingly.

Advisor Management

Ease the pressure: Manage the booking requests seamlessly to ease the pressure for the customers. You can assign the requests to the available advisor to reduce the wait time for the customers.

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharing: Users can launch the web app from a URL. You can also broadcast your business on Facebook, in an online ad or text message.

Global Notification

Reach the customers globally in no time: The global push notifications help to reach all the customers quickly and to convey them the upcoming\ ongoing products and services.

Key Features of Wholesale Retailer App With Service Booking

Easy service booking management system.

Reach out to your people to share the updates of the services and products.

Advertisement of associated products or events.

Quick survey of quotation for services and products.

Multiple service retail store listing is effortless.

Updated analytics to check your best selling products and services.

Easy Branding & Promotions.

Bypass app store and open the URL to get connected with the app.