Progressive Web Solutions for a Mobile World.

What is WEBKON? Our one-of-a-kind Progressive Web App Management Platform allows businesses of any size, or industry, to easily create and manage web-based instant mobile apps with an accelerated time to market.

What previously could take weeks, or even months to develop, can now be achieved in a fraction of the time –and– at a fraction of the cost!

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Native Apps are So 2005!

The way we engage with our customers is drastically changing. With millions of native mobile apps currently in the Google Marketplace and Apple iTunes, the over-saturated market, and relying on your customers to download an app to their mobile device, is becoming a thing of the past.
Don’t Just Give Your Customers What They Need, But What They Want! Our revolutionary platform focuses on 5 Key Elements to Successful Client Reach: 

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How it works?

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The easiest way to manage
Physical Web content and context.

We provide realtime and accurate analytics and valuable big data about visitors’ behavior which will help you to optimise customers’ flow in the shop and promote more products and services.

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Let us show how Webkon can help your business. Visibility Through Browsers.

We make it easy to give your content visibility through the Physical Web for Android users as well as iOS users with any Physical web supporting browser like Google Chrome.